Our understanding of graphene and its exciting properties is growing fast, driving the rapid evolution of novel graphene and graphene-based technologies around the world. In order to gain critical mass, we invite all stakeholders operating in Catalonia to join the GraphCAT Community and work together to consolidate our leading position in the international graphene-based technologies market.


GraphCAT has defined two categories for its members:

Ordinary members

Entities involved in the development of graphene technologies, including technology centres, industry clusters and associations, individual companies and other agents of the graphene ecosystem, provided they have a registered base or otherwise conduct operations within Catalonia. [read more=”[ + ]” less=”[ – ]”]To become an ordinary member, candidates must meet the following conditions:

  1. Be able to demonstrate interest and/or activity in the development of graphene technologies; and
  2. Sign a confidentiality agreement covering all GraphCAT activities; and
  3. Participate in one of the co-funded GraphCAT projects, and provide the requested information and documents, as required by the RIS3CAT call.

Ordinary members can participate in the GraphCAT Community as beneficiaries or non-beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are ordinary members that comply with RIS3CAT funding eligibility requirements and participate in one of the co-funded projects. Non-beneficiaries are ordinary members participating in one of the co-funded projects, but which do not comply with RIS3CAT funding eligibility requirements (for instance, industrial partners).

Ordinary membership of GraphCAT will be free-of-charge, at least during the initial funding period. Entities willing to apply for ordinary membership must submit their application to the Steering Committee, who will evaluate the request and respond to the candidate at the next scheduled Steering Committee meeting.

Membership may be revoked at any time by the Steering Committee by formal notification in writing should any of the following occur:

  1. Change in the circumstances of the member, rendering said member non-compliant with the conditions of membership;
  2. Repeated or serious failure to abide by GraphCAT confidentiality or procedural requirements;
  3. Failure to declare or properly address conflicts of interest;
  4. Extended period of inaction and/or non-participation in the Community;
  5. Actions that might bring GraphCAT and/or any of its members into disrepute.

Members may voluntarily leave the Community at any time by notifying the Steering Committee in writing.

In any case, whether termination of membership is voluntary or enforced, any obligations or commitments undertaken during membership in relation to any projects and/or other actions, including financial and confidentiality commitments, shall remain in force until the natural end of these commitments.[/read]

Associated members

Entities interested in forming part of the GraphCAT Community, but which do not meet the conditions to participate as ordinary members (for instance, entities unable to participate in any of the co-funded projects) may join as associated members. Organisations wishing to apply for associated membership may do so at any time by submitting an application to the GraphCAT Steering Committee (see below). [read more=”[ + ]” less=”[ – ]”]Associated members will be able to participate in project meetings and training activities, etc, provided a NDA is signed. Associated members wishing to apply for ordinary membership may submit an application to the Steering Committee at any time, the members of which will evaluate the request and respond to the candidate at the next scheduled Steering Committee meeting.[/read]

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